Melissa Brathwaite

My name is Melissa Brathwaite and I’m 24 years old. As you can tell from my photograph Barbados is very close to my heart. No matter where I roam Barbados is always home. For the past year and 1 week I’ve been living in Dubai. It has been a great experience so far because of the vast cultural diversity and I love the fact that many people here in the Middle East don’t know Barbados very well, it gives me the opportunity as a proud “Bajan” to boast of how wonderful my little paradise Gem is. Even at work as I wear my nationality pin proudly on my uniform people ask me all over the world about beautiful Barbados and I get to promote my Island, it makes me feel like I have the responsibility of being an ambassador for Barbados. Living in Dubai has made me realize just how proud I am to come from my “sweet sweet fuh days” Island. I will definitely be celebrating Independence, I will try my best to get my Fellow Bajans that live in Dubai to come celebrate also with me as I will be making some bajan delicacies such as fish cakes,bakes, etc. As Rupee rightfully said ” Gem of the Caribbean Sea, want nothing with we….” I AM A BAJAN.

  • Location

    Al Barsha South, Dubai

  • Project

    Individual Projects


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