Kia Redman – Series of Videos

Digital Video: 


“Anyone who has grown up eating Shirley Biscuits somehow instinctually knows that the only way to eat one is to first eat around the house. This seemingly inconsequential childhood habit plays such a role in my Barbadian culture that Shirley Biscuit eating competitions actually happen at festivals; the rule being of course to nibble around the house. This video is a play on the plight of the poor cookie house, forever destined to be isolated from its golden surroundings. The Shirley house embarks on an odyssey fraught with gruesome creatures and alien realities, all in an effort to find its way home.

This two minute stop motion animation only utilizes objects discovered in my surroundings, keeping up the unspoken Bajan tradition of creating what is needed with what is around.”

It Poppin in the Van:  

“Rough ride on the ZR van”

Psst My Sexy Fren:  

“Sexy coke bottle walks down the street.”

‘Antillia: The Digital Island’ is a temporary online pop-up space and project hoping to compile multimedia snapshots of Bajan life, experience, thought and identity, submitted by Bajans at home and of the Diaspora.

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