Alexandra Hanschell – Our Father

Mixed Media: “The piece is a social commentary – portraying Errol Barrow’s birthplace in St.Lucy. It seemed a fitting subject, with him being the Father of our Independence, coupled with the fact that it’s falling into complete disrepair, and slowly being absorbed by nature, (thanks to false promises made by past and present political leaders) somewhat symbolic and indicative of our current social, political and economic landscape.


Suitably referred to as “The Garden,” the house was proudly branded by the “HONOURABLE L. ERSKINE SANDIFORD” in honour of “THE LATE RT. HONOURABLE ERROL W. BARROW – PREMIER OF BARBADOS” on the 21st January; a plaque donated by the Democratic Labour Party, the very party he began. In the painting, I’ve replaced these words with the chorus of our National Anthem, which reads: 

“We loyal sons and daughters all

Do hereby make it known

These fields and hills beyond recall

Are now our very own

We write our names on history’s page

With expectations great

Strict guardians of our heritage

Firm craftsmen of our fate.”

‘Antillia: The Digital Island’ is a temporary online pop-up space and project hoping to compile multimedia snapshots of Bajan life, experience, thought and identity, submitted by Bajans at home and of the Diaspora.

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