Alanis Forde – The Caribbean Artist

Oil and mixed media on Canvas 

This self-portrait deals with my struggles as being labelled a ‘Caribbean artist’ and begins to evaluate what that could possibly mean. I used representational and stereotypical imagery (palm trees, chattel houses, market scenes and vibrant colors) that allow the viewer to make a connection between the images and my portrait to get a sense of my geographical location…the Caribbean. 

Through self-portraiture I’ve come to realize that I can stir people’s perceptions of me. I’m asking the audience to look at me, within me and through me. I created controlled chaos around me that is representational of me trying to understand …what it is to be a Caribbean artist?”

‘Antillia: The Digital Island’ is a temporary online pop-up space and project hoping to compile multimedia snapshots of Bajan life, experience, thought and identity, submitted by Bajans at home and of the Diaspora.

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    Antillia: The Digital Island


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